Why Choose Golden Field Recovery Center?

At Golden Field Recovery Center, our focus is to heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit of women in recovery. Our Founder,  Program Director, and current House Manager; Victoria Byrd, has created a program designed especially for women, to help women in recovery heal, learn, grow, and succeed. It is important to remember that all residents are here to heal. Our program consist of every day guidelines that will help us maintain a peaceful, healthy, respectful, and cooperative environment. These expectations have been set in place to not only safeguard Golden Field Recovery Center, but to safeguard its sisters and all the future members to come.

Healing in recovery takes time, and a lot of hard work. At Golden Field, we are passionate about helping women build a solid foundation to live fun, sober lives.

We believe that success in recovery begins with structure, support, and accountability. Our team works together to help our residents take responsibility for their lives, and help make sure that they are doing the next right thing necessary to live life sober.

We are established to help women in recovery get access to the education, tools and resources necessary to heal, and soar in sobriety. 

We hope to provide our residents with the best start possible and have everything they need to start rebuilding their lives!


We can’t do this alone. But with each other, faith, strength, courage, compassion, hope, and the tools and resources at our fingertips, WE CAN help people recover from addiction.

Victoria Byrd
Founder, Program Director, and House Manager
I am originally from Cambridge, England, and moved to Texas in 2001. I graduated from Plano East Senior High School, then earned my degree in Early Childhood Education in 2006. I taught preschool for 10 years, while becoming a mum to my daughter Chloe, then pursued my dreams in 2016 of becoming a small business owner, and created "Visuals By Victoria". However, it was through my own personal struggles, that I found my true calling in helping others in recovery. I became a proud member of Oxford House in June of 2018, helped open a Mommy-and-me house in November of 2018, and continued strongly on my path to starting my own foundation.
My passion and dedication to serving and helping others in recovery motivated me to start a recovery home of my own. Golden Field Recovery Center was born out of the love I have for helping others and the desire to provide a safe, loving, peaceful and upmost resourceful environment for women to recover and heal together in. I believe that through my own personal experiences, my dedication, attention to detail, and well-rounded skill set, I am able to provide structure, accountability, and a quality experience for all of our residents. I pour my heart and soul into this program to ensure that every detail of my residents' treatment plan is met to perfection, while creating the upmost positive, and nourishing journey for our women in recovery.

Our Team

Erica Boyce
Certified Recovery Specialist and Interventionist

Erica Boyce is Golden Field Recovery Center's Recovery Coach; a nationally and state Certified Recovery Specialist and Interventionist. She has been trained through Spectrum Recovery as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist and has gone through training with the International Recovery Institute as a Certified Recovery Specialist. She has been trained in the A.R.I.S.E model Intervention with Dr. Judith Landau and has been trained in the LOVE FIRST model of Intervention. She has completed training through the Addictions Academy as a Level I & II Recovery Specialist. Along with her certifications as a Recovery Specialist she is CPR Certified with Red Cross.

               Erica is an active member of the Dallas TAAP organization and is also a proud member of NAADAC. She believes in helping those who suffer with drug addiction and alcoholism gain a new life and become productive once more. Erica’s experience and knowledge helps families understand they cannot fight this alone and together they can help their loved one live a life of freedom.

She is dedicated in walking alongside women and helping them gain a life that is finally worth living. Whether that is learning how to be a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend, or employee – she understands that these are not easy roles to play when entering back into a world that was destroyed by drugs and alcohol. It takes a village and Erica knows that this battle cannot be fought alone. Together, she believes, in breaking the cycle… one family at a time.

Megan Poakeart
Certified Y12SR Instructor
The mind-body connection means so much to me, as yoga brings me back into my body at times when I feel disconnected.  The physical benefits of yoga are awesome but what I really love is how it quiets my busy mind, which is no small feat!  I believe that yoga is for everyone, even those who feel they lack flexibility and have a hard time sitting still.  My specialty as a teacher is to make yoga approachable, comfortable and lighthearted.  My intention is to serve from the heart and cater to all levels, whether you are brand new and a little intimidated walking into a studio or you are a seasoned yogi.  I love to teach poses as moving meditation, synced with breath, sequenced to energize the body and center the mind.  I really hope to be a part of your yoga journey.  

Golden Field Recovery Center

Established 2018

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