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At Golden Field Recovery Center we believe that structure and accountability are vital in early recovery, and critical to our resident's success. We have created a program designed for our residents to ideally reside with us for at least 6 MONTHS, and to have access to as many tools and resources we feel necessary to help them on their journey, and have an amazing time doing it!! In order for our residents to earn their way through our program, be rewarded for their commitment and progress in their recovery, and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, we have created a Three Phase Program. These phases are outlined in detail to help our ladies stay on track, set goals, and receive support and praise for their progress and achievements.

We focus on healing the Mind, Body, & Spirit of Women in Recovery by providing:


~Structure and Accountability

~Morning Devotion & "Nightlies"

~Weekly House Meetings

~ 12-Step Meetings On & Off-Site

(North Dallas SIS Group)

~ Random Drug Testing

~One-on-One Recovery Coaching

~ Employment Coaching

~ Continuing Education Support

~Volunteer & Service Work Opportunities

~ 12-Step Yoga & Meditation Classes

~ Art Therapy Classes

~Unity & Recovery Related Events

~ Movie Nights

~ Family meals

~ Gardening Therapy

~ Animal Assisted Therapy

~ Equine Therapy

Our residents work their way through our program in 3 phases. The "phasing up" will be determined between the resident's "Recovery Team" in a meeting with the resident, where we will address and evaluate their progress in their recovery, their step work with their sponsor, and their household responsibilities and standing.

Each Phase the residents will gain a little more freedom and more responsibilities in their role in the house, with the ability to have possible management roles if desired.


Phase Two: STEP UP

Phase Three: PLATFORM (Minimum of 6 months)

RECOMMENDED for all residents to complete!


Morning Meditation, Community/House Meetings & Nightlies

Every day the house will come together in the main living area for morning meditation (when schedules allow for time together) for the "Reading of the Day" (page 86 BB) and other "Daily Reflections", and every night at 9pm, to reflect on their day; state their high and their low of the day, and set their goal for the next day, closing with our reading "When we retire at night" (page 86 BB). House meetings will be called at any time for an interview for a new resident, or to address an issue or concern in the house, and in extreme circumstances, assist in the departure of a guest in violation of their contract or due to a relapse.

Random Drug Testing

Each resident with be tested upon entry, breathalyzed daily, randomly tested weekly, and AT ANY GIVEN TIME the House Manager and/or Director requests one to be taken.


Residents will be asked to leave Golden Field Recovery Center in the event of a relapse, violation of contract, behavioral issues causing a continuous disruption in the house, failure to pay rent, violence, and theft. These guidelines are outlined in our Golden Field Recovery Center Resident Contract, Newcomer Contract, and our House Rules, Guidelines and Expectations, all of which are signed by each resident and Management upon entry into the house.

12 Step Meetings

Each resident of Golden Field is required to be working a 12 Step Program. Local meetings will be posted on the House Notice Board and updated weekly. The house will attend meetings weekly as a house (on and off site) transported by the House Manager and/or Director if needed, and will have meetings held in the house (when visitor's schedules permit) brought to us by 12-Step groups from other areas. Each resident will be required to be actively working their steps, having frequent contact with their sponsor, and mandatory attendance of 12 Step Meetings (meeting at least the minimum outlined in their individual contracts). Every resident will track all of their meetings on their "12-Step Meeting Tracking Form" provided in their Newcomer packet.

Household Responsibilities

Twice-weekly assigned chores will be posted on the Chore Board and signed off on by Management upon completion. Each resident will develop and improve basic independent lifestyle skills such as making their bed daily, doing their own laundry, picking up after themselves, keeping their personal areas neat, clean, and tidy, and even learning how to cook. It is our goal to have every Golden Field woman leave feeling self-sufficient, as well as more financially and professionally stable

Recovery Coaching

Each resident will receive weekly one-on-one counseling from a certified Recovery Coach who will help the individual (and offer coaching for their families if they so choose), providing support, advice, and guidance. Our Recovery Coach will also assist our residents with employment opportunities, and career coaching, if necessary.


Our Recovery Coach, career advisers, along with the House Manager and Director, will assist residents with employment opportunities, to ensure every woman in Golden Field is employed by their required two-week deadline. Once employed, every resident is required to work a minimum of 25 hours a week. If a resident is not employed, those hours must be fulfilled by active Volunteer work or school.

12 Step Yoga and Meditation

On site Y12SR, Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation classes will be offered to the residents weekly, by our certified Y12SR Instructor Meagan Poekart. 

Art Therapy:

Art Classes such as painting, sketching, crafting, collage (ex: Vision Boards), jewelry making, instructed by our Program Director; Victoria.

Gardening Therapy:

Residents may plant and care for their own flowers, herbs, and vegetables, etc.

Animal Assisted Therapy:

Upon opening, GFRC adopted a rescue Labrador puppy named Champ. As we grow, we will be adding more animals to our ranch. Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is a type of therapy that involves animals as a form of treatment. The goal of AAT at Golden Field is to improve our resident's social, emotional, and cognitive functioning. Advocates state that animals can be useful for educational and motivational effectiveness for participants.

Equine Therapy:

Thanks to Legacy Equestrian Center located across the street from our home, our residents will have daily access to their stables, and have the benefit of experimental therapy involving the interaction with horses, as well as volunteer opportunities. The goal of equine therapy is to help our residents develop needed skills and attributes, such as accountability, responsibility, self-confidence, problem-solving skills, and self-control.


Studies have indicated that by offering a variety of therapeutic classes to people in recovery, they have been helpful and successful in helping people mark improvements in:

  • Independence

  • Flexibility

  • Cognitive 

  • Memory

  • Self-fulfillment

  • Self-expression

  • Behavior management

  • Social responsibility

  • Conflict resolution

  • Stress coping skills

  • Emotional awareness

  • Stress tolerance

  • Interpersonal skills and relationships

  • Self-regard

  • Creativity

  • Impulse control

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